Friday, May 29, 2009

Everybody deserves to have 365 sunny days per year.

Did you know that it is your birthright to be happy, to be with your soul mate, to spend your time with people that you love and that love you, to have enough time and money to spend on what you really want and to have a perfect body and mind? And all of this throughout all of your long and prosperous life.
So why are we so miserable, so poor and in such a bad health, while we are only using about 10% of our brain?
Of course there are people that are healthy, but they still might be poor and unhappy, or even if they are rich and healthy, they are still not happy.
We all know how it is. How many people do you know that actually lead their dream life?
How did they do that? A lot of us have tried so many things and keep on searching for the answers. A lot of us are driven by this longing for the fulfilling life that somewhere deep inside us we know does exist. It just keeps slipping away from us.
Why is the world in such a bad state at the moment, with the natural disasters that are occurring, the ozone layer that is disappearing, the waters that are dirty and over fished, the wars, the famine, the poverty, the number of people that are not free to say, do or be what they want, the economical crisis we are in now, the stress we are trying to deal with, the problems we experience in our private and work relationships and with our children?
Why does time seem to speed up, even though we logically all know this is not possible?
Why are there so many people that are aware about these things and try to come up with solutions and ideas to make it better?
All those ideas with the law of attraction, the healing procedures, the energy spending rituals, the psychic abilities that people seem to develop. (Is that even possible)
Is that all for real or is it all a hoax and are they all just broadcasting the end of the world scenarios like so many people have done so many times before, without anything happening when the predicted end of the world time came?
I do not know for sure, who can, but I do know that more and more people are convinced now of a great change that is about to happen in 2012 and that it is not the end of the world, just the end of an era. We are then moving into the age of Aquarius and this means a rebirthing for the whole world. Things will change, but for the better. We will get to that later.
I would like you to consider this: what is the purpose behind all this suffering, is there a purpose to all this? What if it is all just happening without a plan or reason, would that not be a complete waist of time, energy, effort, material and potential?
I think it is, I think there is a reason and we all know it. Just think about it for a while, I'll be back tomorrow.
Love Mary-Ann.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Everybody deserves to have 365 sunny days per year part 2

Hi there, I am back.
Yesterday I asked a lot of questions and I do not have the answers, I think however that we will get the answers soon, so many people are looking for the answers now so they are bound to be found.
In the mean time we can start to improve our own lives a bit. There are some people that think that we ourselves are the cause of our problems and I think that if we can cause them we can also solve them and make them go away again.
I have done a little research on this and tried a few of the methods I found out and I must say I had some astonishing results.
A lot of time we are doing things without even knowing why, we just have always done it that way, or our parents did it that way, so why should we change them, it was good enough for them?
Well, we are not our parents, the world is not the same as when they were our age, they had a different life style, ate different foods, had a different job, so their ways might not be right for us, maybe they were right for them, but not for us.
It is not their fault, they did not know any better, they just taught you what they knew.
And they taught you these things when you were a little child, so you could nor would question them on these ways, you just copied them and soon accepted them as your own.
But your life is not as you would like it to be, so you start searching for things that you can change. Once you have found a few things you might want to change, you found out how hard this was. These ways are really set into your subconscious and this is an area that is very hard to get to.
You might have tried affirmations, hypnosis, sublimal videos or recordings and you have achieved a few minor changes, but some of the old habits came back again.
I have a little trick for you that might help you to overcome this.
Remember, when you were learning a lot of those things, you were a little child, at that moment you just sucked in all the information that was fed to you, without even thinking about it; Mummy said so, therefore it is true.
This means that your subconscious is like a little child and everybody knows how it works with little children, if you tell them to do something they will first do their own will and say no.
Then when you get impatient with them for either not doing it or doing it wrong, they are even more stubborn and refuse it all together. There must be another way.
If you are trying to give up smoking (even when you did not learn this as a child), you might get angry with yourself each time you light a cigarette. You tell yourself how stupid you are, that you have no will power, that you are a whimp and so on.
When you do this often enough you will start believing yourself; you cannot help this. And like this stubborn little child you will not do as you are told, but continue with this habit.
Try a different approach next time, be patient with yourself.
Next time you catch yourself lighting a cigarette, you immediately stop this cigarette and throw it away and you praise yourself for catching yourself and you tell yourself how proud you are that you did notice and that you did stop that cigarette.
After a few times you will find out that you catch yourself sooner and faster and eventually even before you light the cigarette and you will not start it. You will then be so proud of yourself for not even lighting the cigarette and praise yourself for this great achievement.
Next thing you know you will catch yourself thinking about a cigarette and praise yourself for not even reaching for it.
The intervals between you thinking about it will become longer and your longing will become less. But you have to keep praising yourself for each little victory you have over yourself and you will find out in a short time that you have no more desire for a cigarette.
When you realize this I want you to celebrate this in a bigger way. Like taking your partner out for a nice dinner (and sit in the nonsmokers area).
This little trick can be applied to all sorts of habits you would want to change, give yourself some time to do this and make very sure that you do not get angry at yourself when you catch yourself falling back or doing that what you do not want to do. Just stop doing it at that moment and praise yourself for realizing that you were doing it and be glad you prevented yourself from going all the way.
This as a fun way of thinking positive and it will work for you.
Try it out, what have you got to lose with it (a bad habit you wanted to lose anyway) and you have to gain a lot (this little exercise will make you feel better about yourself, if nothing else).
Have fun.
I wish you all lots of love and prosperity, Mary-Ann.

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